Polar Bear

This is my least favorite corner of the garden, but I believe it's important. This is the place where I acknowledge the forces that threaten this beautiful planet of ours. I don't enjoy thinking about these things, but if we ignore problems, they will fester. Our only hope is to address them, and work together to fix them.


The links on the left will take you to pages where you can learn more about these threats to our planet. Each section also includes suggestions of things we can do about it.



Climate Change

Arctic Ice in 2007 Arctic Ice in 1989

So much has been written about climate change, I don't think it's necessary to repeat the information here. But many of the tales that make Grus groan are rooted in this terrible problem. Many animals are endangered because the habitat they rely on has been altered by the changing climate. For example, my friend the polar bear is threatened because the polar ice is shrinking very rapidly, as these displays from the San Diego Zoo illustrate.

Climate change is a big, seemingly intractable problem, but there are countless things we can do to combat it. Here are some sites you can visit for ideas about what you can do: