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Wattled Cranes
Bugeranus carunculatus

OK, let's get the comments about my eccentric cousin's name out of the way. Everyone has someone a little odd in their family tree, and in my family, it's Bugeranus. For some time, humans thought they belonged in the Grus genus (of course, WE all knew better. They're not like us at all!), but most taxonomists put them in their own genus now.

They are the biggest of my African cousins. Adults are usually around six feet tall and weigh 14 pounds (7.8 kg.).They don't migrate regularly (map of range) like many of our other cousins do, but they do follow seasonal food supplies.

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Wattled Crane Wattled Crane
  • Estimated Global Population: Approximately 8,000. Classified as "Vulnerable," though numbers are dropping rapidly.
  • Threats include wetland habitat destruction, accidental poisoning, and human and livestock disturbance.
  • Feed primarily on aquatic vegetation.

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